Noc 57: Turecka propaganda

Dla tych co łakną szczęścia

Dla tych co łakną szczęścia

Please read, Do not throw away!

First of all, we welcome you and thank you for your visit to our country. We love you so much and do not want you to meet any disadvantages in this World. We kindly invite you to Islam to be a Muslim. If you accept Islam, you will be happy in the world and in the afterlife. We definitely respect your religion. We request you to accept Islam, because Islam orders all people to live in brotherhood and kindness. Our mission is to inform people about Islam. We really hope that you will accept Islam when you do some research in Islam.

Bóg jest jeden, nasz jest bardziej najszy niż twoiszy

Bóg jest jeden, nasz jest bardziej najszy niż twoiszy

There are plenty of footballers, artists, actors, reporters, composers, philosophers ect, who accepted Islam even though they were Jewish or Christian. They have found truth and happiness. You can search all of them one by one once you research Islam and find the truth. We are sure that you will be appreciated so much. Please consider carefully!! Who does not want heaven full of blessing and much more? Finally if you choose Islam you will find the truth, happiness and peace.

[long list of famous muslims]

Why did those people accept Islam? Have you ever researched? Please do research about them. Those people are rich, famous and they have found happiness, blessing and peace not in material cases but in the spiritual life that reaches its peak with Islam. Because there is only one God in Islam if there were more Gods in our World it would be destroyed. There is no any mate and offspring of Him, He is one. One is the God all of us! Only He forgives sins. Because he is the one who creates everything. He is strong enough to cope with everything. Just as he created us from a single semen drop, he will resurrect us as well after our death. God has created us to worship him.

Kochamy was, ale macie chujowego stwórce

Kochamy was, ale macie chujowego stwórce

We belive in the Bible as well. But unfortunately, the Bible was changed by the humanity over time. Today, there are many bibles. For this reason, you can easily perceive  the differences between them. Contrary to this, The Quran which is a Muslims holy scripture has never changed even a letter for 1400 years. And be sure that it will not be changed until the end of time. Islam is a religion of reason. There is no any differences between tongues, colours, races. Everyone is equal. Everyone goes to the mosque whether he is rich or poor.

Jesteśmy najlepsi

Jesteśmy najlepsi

If you accept Islam, you can understand this situation in a good way. We belive that you will be able to reach the truth. If it hadn’t been a wonderful religion. All of well-known and rich people wouldn’t have accepted it. These people do not need anything. Only we wish you to search the religion Islam in a good way. And we invite you to learn Islam which has an excellent feeling. Finally; Islam only offers all goodness to you. Please search it. And then decide it.



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